Welcome to Elizabethan Photography.   My name is Liz!  I love photography – well, let me specify that – I love capturing a beautiful moment.  I do.  It’s like butter on a piece of fresh out of the oven bread, with nutella!  And believe me, I would know how delish that is becauuuuse, I bake my own bread.

My absolute favorite people and events to photograph that my heart skips a beat over is ladies – young and old and  weddings – sooo, that’s my specialty!  La la ladies, the high school diploma bound and those magnificent weddings!

I’m obsessed with my husband who is so artistic, smart and creative, not to mention my crush circa 2000, my kiddos – not enough space to share about them, but just know.. they’re awesome! And music – I’m a chameleon – I can sit properly and be swept away by a Mozart piece, pretend to live in the woods of Tennessee with background music of Johnny Cash, dance to some Black Eyed Peas, but my recent fave is – Americana Folk music like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons which speaks to my guitar-strumming self! And lastly, I LOVE living in Dallas – you can do anything here, attend any event here and go anywhere from here.  I wasn’t born in Dallas, but I got here as soon as I could!  My family and I are Lake Highlands proud residents!

Besides all that, please email me so we can START CONVERSATIONS about your portrait session or your wedding day!

Okay, I’ve said too much.  Wait, no, I haven’t.. here’s a photo of me along with things that inspire me..

About Liz_3.JPG


I’ve never been a bridesmaid – ever.  Thanks girlfriends! Having lived in Dallas for many years now, I’m kinda a food snob – I don’t really eat at big chains much. I was born in the summer of 1977 in a Louisiana parish to a wildy cajun Mom and a need-for-speed Dad! I am ambidextrous – I turn left-handed cartwheels (yes, in my 30’s I turn cartwheels), I open jars left-handed, I count money left-handed, but I’m straight up a rightey in everything else – don’t be jealous. I love it when my husband occasionally lets me pin him down and tickle the snot out of him. I’m a sucker for Fireside Pies’ Red Passion Sangria and The People’s Last Stand’s Sleeping with the Enemy! They are handcrafted liquid delights and mixed with friends makes for a fun evening! I am a Google product junkie! I have been walking in a relationship with Jesus for many years and He is the benchmark of my life!

Now that you know a little bit about me I look forward to getting to know you better over coffee! – Liz